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Pitching lessons will usually consist of a routine that is designed to quickly and efficiently improve your child’s pitching form and overall strength and it usually takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the routine which includes:

  •  band work.
  •  medicine balls.
  •  towel drills.
  •  pitching off a mound.
  •  other necessary drills.
  •  weighted ball work out.
  •  leg work out.


Hitting lessons can be 30 minute private,  60 minute private, or 60 minute multiple kids in a station with rotation format.  All lesson formats will consist of:

  •  tee work
  •  drills
  •  front toss
  •  pitching machine
  •  live throwing
  •  other necessary drills.

30 minute hitting:  $35
60 minute hitting:  $65
60 minute multiple kids:  $50 per kid


Combination lessons consist of any combination of pitching, hitting, fielding, catching, and any other skill that your child desires to learn, they usually last an hour, and can be broken up however you and your child desire:

30 minute combo: $35 (good for tweaking the mechanics)
60 minute combo: $65
60 minute multiple kids combo: $65 per kid


We offer teams and individuals the ability to rent space to train, we offer tee work, soft toss, over hand, and pitching stations:
$35 per 60 minute rental:  includes 4 stations (over hand, under hand, 2 tee work stations, and a full distance pitching lane)
$50 per 90 minute rental:  includes 4 stations ( over hand, under hand, 2 tee stations, and a full distance pitching lane )
$15 per 30 minute station rental:  includes one 30 foot station
* please call or email Coach Kojack for costs on adding instruction to your team rental
* balls and tees included with all purchases


We offer the rental of our entire building.  Our facility is state of the art as it will retract into a 40x65 open space net, or can be broken down into as many as 6 stations and 2 pitching lanes which makes for a great practice area:
$ 250 per 2 hour rental:  includes entire facility, balls, tees, pitching mounds, and a party area with television